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We are pleased to inform you that we can help you in your required staff recruitment by providing job listings on our popular hospitality jobs site. ( Suitable For Supervisory and above positions )

We are happy to inform you that  is a web site dedicated in helping you acquire the right candidates for your esteemed hotel / chain and has reached high search engine rankings. It is being promoted on Google , other major search engines and social networks like linkedin,facebook,google plus etc for optimized results

The benefits of using a niche job site like  is quality versus quality. You may not get as large number of candidates but the few that apply would be candidates better suitable.


Since  is focused and targeted to the hotel industry, it makes it a lot easier for job seekers to find the jobs that they are looking for.

Recruitment agencies and individual hotels have five benefits of using :

  1. Targeted audience
  2.  Build a brand among the people you’re trying to reach
  3.  You get a cost effective package
  4. may be the place where your competition may choose to advertise.
  5. reaches passive job seekers too unlike bigger job sites.

In case you would like to have a quick response then we suggest that you should go in for the paid options which are so far the most economically priced across the globe.


How to order:

The process starts with registering your company / hotel / agency.

Please write to us at [email protected][email protected] and we will do the needful.


1) Online job posting


Select your package.

Click on : Buy Now

You’ll be taken to a url that resembles:


Using your credit card you can pay for the online packages available and post jobs. You can provide your direct contact details so that relevant resumes reach you directly.


2)  Payment through Cheque.


You can Deposit a Cheque in your nearest ICICI Bank Branch .

Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Account Type: Current
Account No. 016405003724

We suggest that you send send us a note on E Mail after sending the payment, giving your cheque details. Please ensure that the cheque is properly filled up and signed duly by the requisite authority.

Once we receive the payment we will create your company account and upgrade it to paid status , you would be able to use the employers panel yourself.


Confidential  Positions:

We can help you here too. We help you get the suitable candidates selected. A charge of one month’s salary of the approved candidate is payable to our company .


Free Job Posting Facility:

We can handle all the data uploading on your behalf. However all the required data like Job Description, Candidate Profile, Company Profile, Your Contact Details shall be provided by you on email.


Email: [email protected][email protected]


Or Call Our Consultants at   # 9650846357




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